I came across another duck family this afternoon leaving work. This one consisted of 6 fairly new ducklings and two fairly laid back parents (usually Papa duck will hiss and run at anyone close, but this one didn't mind me being about 3.5-4m away).

ยท 1 ยท 6 ยท 11


>I came across another duck family this afternoon leaving work.

My first thought was "Ducks have to *work* in Australia? Neoliberalism is definitely going too far, but at least they seem to get parental leave" ๐Ÿ˜†

but I guess posing for a nature photographer /would/ count as work - this is also the first time I've read about both parents in a duck family looking after offspring (maybe AU ducks are getting smarter?) ๐Ÿฆ†


It might just be the wood ducks. I haven't observed many ducklings from other Australian duck species to compare.

@david interesting species - very goose-like in their behaviour (I didn't even know until today you had different ducks in Australia, I though ducks were by and large the same species all around the world...)

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