Don't let anyone tell you an 800mm f/5.6 lens isn't a portrait lens :)

Canon EF 800/5.6L IS on a Canon EOS 1DX.

In case anyone is interested, the distance to subject on the Singer, was 10.01m (with a depth of field of of just 0.05m).

Distance to subhect for the red-headed woman was 14.64m (with a depth of field of 0.11m).

Alas, not my lens, it belongs to a friend, but it's definitely awesome.

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And here is the lens in question, being wielded by its owner.

Canon EF 800mm f/5.6L IS in all its glory.

(Shot settings: 200mm f/1.8 1/4000th at ISO 160)

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@david I'd have to get into way better shape to carry one of those beasts around with me. πŸ˜‚

@Konc That's what the monopod is for :)

Hell, my 200/1.8L weighs in at 3kg on it's own, then add the 1.3kg camera body, 600g 2x extender and you have almost 5kg of camera to lug around. The gimbal and stick probably come to another 2kg. It's no wonder I'm a wee tired at the end of a festival day.

@david Yeah. And I get tired from carrying my small Fujifilm with a couple of extra lenses around. I definitely need to get in shape.

@david I dunno that doesnt really have the depth id expect of a proper portrait lens. Its a nice shot, but looks like it was taken with a zoom (as it was) which causes a lack of depth youd normally get.

@freemo You get a LOT of compression. DoF is very narrow. Personally I prefer 200mm for portraits, but the big 800 does the job ok.

@david You can do anything and make it a portrait just depends on the look you want. I personally love the look of a zoom taking candids of people if done well. I just wouldnt call it a portrait lens is all

@freemo You can indeed. I shoot "environmental portraits" of people with a 35mm, but if it's a straight up head and shoulders, or the like, I do prefer a telephoto in the range of 135mm - 200mm.

@david It really depends a lot on what im doing or what my intentions are. Reason i like zooms for pictures of peoples face is more for the candid aspect. I dont like posed shots.

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