This is a terrible photo, but it was the only one I could get of this Wompoo Fruit Dove that was in a tree beside my house the other morning.

@welshpixie Indeed it is! And not small either (38-48cm head to tail).

@david Pretty big dove! I posted a pic this morning showing the variety of pigeons and doves we get in the garden and their size differences. We have huge chonky speckled pigeons, slightly smaller turtle doves, and then laughing doves that are so small they look like juveniles :D

@welshpixie I saw that 😀

I often get Bar-shouldered doves on the veranda (a bit smaller than the average city pigeon) and peaceful doves on the driveway (much smaller, would fit in the palm of your hand if they weren’t so flighty).
We do get various quite large doves and pigeons on the property though, Wompoos Fruit Doves, Topknot & Wonga pigeons and Brown Cuckoo Doves.

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