Another successful hunt!

I present the Southern Cassowary. Legendary prehistoric death bird (no really, they can kill you with their large toe).

This one however was just chilling on the beach watching the water.

A young boy was hovering around about 15m away as he wanted his bags back but wisely wasn’t getting any closer. as i rounded a corner and saw one in the back yard where i was staying, i was the one that ran away from the encounter!

@purple @david

the joke is
“what should I do if a cassowary gets into my house?”
“find a new house”

@zens @purple definitely. I did say to my wife as we were bushwalking, if one pops out on the track, start filming, so when the 2nd one appears to the side I can say “Clever Girl” and at least won’t have died in vain. ;-) everything i know about cassowarys i have learned from rimworld. the decision to run away from one was a solid decision, yep.

@zens @purple I did think the kid waiting for his stuff should have just declared the bags as The Cassowary’s bags now. ;-)

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