Black Kites are possibly the most common Kite in Eastern Australia. You see them along highways pretty much everywhere outside of major built up areas, usually cruising around looking for roadkill, or at roadkill on/near the roads.

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@david I don't know if I've ever seen them because I live in Germany and that's the only place where the red kite is actually more common than the black one. And they look very similar to each other from a distance

@schratze These particular ones are endemic to Australia. Easily ID'd because of the shape of the tail which they twist this way and that while soaring to change direction. :)

@david @schratze Are they? and I'm pretty sure I've seen them a lot in european Russia, identifying by the tail shape. Or do you mean a particular subspecies?

@Som89 @schratze Goes to look up bird books... oh yeah, sorry for the misdirection.

Milvus migrans is Widespread and familiar in Africa, Eurasia and PNG (as well as its extensive range in Australia).

Learn something every day I guess.

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