Another successful frog hunt tonight. I located this wee chap on the veranda.

But while out in the yard, I also found some luminous fungi growing on a stump. It's the first time I've come across glowing mushrooms before.

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@david what in the world... Didn't know these exist. Could it be this:

Also, hunting frogs sounds interesting, depends on what you do with them later though... : 🤔

@jrss as for ID. It could be. I’ve put it on inaturalist in the hopes a fungi expert might weigh in.

@david Singapore also has then, but I haven't gone to look for them yet.

Here are some excellent luminous fungi shots by local macro photographer, Nicky Bay.

@david you're drunk! :-) 🥃 🥃 🥃 🥃 fluo fungi???? invite me a glass and we'll see togheter the fluofungis

@david I've never seen fluo fungi I'm agricultural engenier.. so I had subjects like Phitopatology and I red a lot even funyi world but never red about fluorescent fungyes at bibliography of experts....

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