I have been away for a while. Sorry but I'll try to hang out here more :)

I'm a lucky dumbass. This weekend I lightly scratched a different car. So I left a note , as you do, to solve thing insurance wise. My luck is that the car was already half sold with damage at the spot that I scatched the car. So the buyer decided to not care since that spot needed repair anyway. So the owner of the car did not feel the need to involve insurance since it will not cost him anything. Lucky for me. Next time I will be more alert when parking. First time since 25 years of driving.

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corporate identity don't need to be evil.


privacy, security, and freedom focused computers/smartphones

education, development and hosting of free/libre software

smartphones under improfed condition for worker/enviorment

opensource couchsuring and meetup plattform

education and hosting libre software

federated messaging protocol

NSFW! Contains nudity. 

Khiara shot on 35mm slide film. Very crude scanning and editing but still like the result. photog.social/media/UeTb32D1Bh

Old railway bridge near Maastricht. Shot on New55 PN. This is a scan of the positive photog.social/media/7SAgkXwhIF

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