Heard of the snake pendulum? Here’s it... Shot from the Birla Science Centre, ...

A good tea with kerala banana fry (pazham pori) is reason to cheer.

One of the pleasures of waking up before sun-rise in the mountain-forests of the is listening to the sounds of birds wafting through the crisp air.

One of the prominent ones is that of the Blue Whistling Thrush - its’ rambling-melodic whistling song usually starts about 25-40 minutes before actual sunrise.

Obviously, bird-songs need to be heard and not read. Click on wp.me/p3TIlx-ve where I have embedded an audio file.

For those on interested in local and global information from Hyderabad at one go, follow @TelanganaToday... Here’s the link:


From the Archives: A visit to the Buffalo Bill memorial in was an experience in itself for someone who grew up reading cowboy stories like of Catsfoot, Billy The Kid and other westerns... Here are some pics from the Museum & Grave, Golden, Colorado...

Everyone is welcome here... The sign out this bookstore in could apply to Mastodon too... 😉

I use the Toot! App (paid) for Mastodon and it’s pretty slick.

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The link below heads to a really good break down of Mastodon, the UI and more. It's a really good starting point for some of the non-obvious aspects of Mastodon.


It was put together by @noelle and we thank them very much for keeping it up to date for all this time.

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