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Maybe this YouTube dude should try something different

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Canon SL2/200D - Tamron SP 35-80mm CF Macro Lens - f3.5 - ISO 800 - Exposure 1/160sec

What can be more pleasant than a cold breeze in a summer night 😌

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Florence landscape from Pizzale Michaelangelo.
And there is the fabulous Cathedral of Florence 😍

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I did see a couple of flowers that were seaside specific. The first one I found was:

Armeria maritima

This flower is sometimes called Sea Pink, for rather obvious reasons.

It must be a hardy plant that can survive without many nutrients, as I typically found them growing on nearly bare rock. The flowers have five pink petals, and five stamens, ending in prominent yellow anthers.

#nature #florespondence #Highlands #Scotland #photo #photography

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