I've got some beautiful dicentra as a gift. I'm growing some young dicentras in my garden, so I hope there will be many more this year <3

@elizevin So pretty.

I love how everyone is sticking to calling them Dicentra, because the new botanical name is too much of a mouthful to pronounce!

@GwenfarsGarden well, we call it Maiden's heart (in serbian ofc) :) but dicentra is simple and still nice sounding compared to new name :D

@elizevin I’ve only ever heard them called bleeding hearts. Thanks for the new info!

@elizevin @GwenfarsGarden 😍 I love these. Mine haven’t flowered so far, not sure why

@alice_swaggen @elizevin could be just local climate. Like, where I live in Northern England, is 2-3 weeks behind when thing flower in Southern England. So maybe yours just have to catch up?

@elizevin They're called 'broken hearts' over here.

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