Guess I should actually use this, uh?

Hey, fedi peeps, what are you interested in seeing more right now?

Street photography; Pet photography (cats); Photojournalism (events, sports and theater); Portraits; Conceptual; Other?

About #Trunk: a still fairly recent project to help people (especially newbies) populate their home timelines with people who have common interests and "volunteered as tribute"! Show more

:masto: Hey!

I know I'm a Void & I usually don't meddle in human biz, but would it be possible if you amazing artists & other imagery creators/sharers could use the image description feature?

Just writing something descriptive like "drawing of a bunch of unicorns" would be a great help for people who use screen readers!

:fediverse: If you already do this but sometimes forget, @PleaseCaption is a cool bot that only follows you if you follow it first & it reminds you to caption your images! <3

📣 PSA 📣

Know a photographer or someone interested in and hash tags?

We have OPEN registrations again!

Pass it along, it's a "secret" 😉

Hey, everyone! What's your favorite photography edition software and why? :3

I'm looking for FLOSS, or just Libre, suggestions!

Thanks in advance! ♥

Portrait, eye contact Show more

Oooooh! Trying Halcyon with and loving it! <3

My main is @eloisa & I'll repost here the photos I have there, eventually. For now I decided to start anew.

I'm not quite sure if this specific one represents my photography as a whole...

Ok. It probably doesn't.

It's just the first I'm posting here because I looked at my folders, saw it and started to miss that botanical garden.

It reminds me, especially in this part, of The Secret Garden. ^_^


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