I think I hadn't done a self portrait in nearly a decade (maybe more) I went from doing a lot of it when i was younger to really disliking how it became something expected to have online: how one looks like. I like this image of me testing a new lens from last october through so I will put it out here.

But then again, is this even a self-portrait or a portrait at all?

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@eloisa @kemonine I think it is shows a lot of who I am, but very little of what I look like that to me makes it interesting but also puts up the question. :)


I think a self-portrait is the expression of your vision of yourself, not really the way you really look like, no ?

And it's a beautiful photo, by the way !

@eloisa @kemonine

@entuall @eloisa @kemonine I honestly don't know? :) I used to think so (and ok I still think so) but then there is this expectation of having professional or candid portraits in any network, where it is expected that you are seen in a certain way, and must be visually documenting your physical features. this is especially, increasingly required for gig economy style work, which is doubly frustrating.

@entuall @eloisa @kemonine I like how I look just fine, but I'd rather be visually remembered for my work, not me as a face as the latter has nothing to do with my current artistic practice. I guess I am too old fashioned now? ;)

Anyhow... thank you!! :)

@eylul @entuall @eloisa @kemonine
I can relate to that, I've never taken a self-portrait. But then maybe for commercial reasons you might want to compromise I guess.
I must say, your picture actually made me want to do one myself.

@wim_v12e @entuall @eloisa @kemonine there is a part of me that is all for encouraging more art, the other half still has the concerns outlined above ;)

The former is winning through so...

DO IT!!!!!! ;)

@eylul @wim_v12e @entuall @kemonine there is a difference between a corporate type portrait of yourself, which, it still counts as a self-portrait but isn't exactly in the spirit of what a selfie is... And a selfie.

@eloisa @wim_v12e @entuall @kemonine it is not at all related to the artistic practice... well... I do have a self portrait that does that. *points at the icon* but I know at least one website that requires "actual photo of you. can't be digitally altered"

@eylul @wim_v12e @entuall @kemonine I meant self-portrait photography, not the paintings, sorry. But those can be art too. The corporate types are just that, portraits of yourself, which are more alike IDs pics even though they aren't exactly... 🤷🏻‍♂️

@eylul I'm mostly a documentary photographer, but I think that a photo is always the product of the personal vision of a photographer. It's particularly striking when it is a (self-)portrait as you inevitably project a lot of things in it. There is no such thing as an ID photo.

@eloisa @kemonine


For commercial purposes, I guess people wants to have a clue of who you are, maybe there is a mutually satisfying compromise to think about ? A way to show yourself that is also a part of your artistic practice ?

@eloisa @kemonine

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