A very interesting of the photographer Gloria Oyarzabal about her serie "Woman go no’gree", in which she explores the connections between "gender, history, knowledge-making, stereotypes, and clichés of Africa."

“To colonize means ‘To occupy a territory far from its borders in order to exploit it and dominate it administratively, militarily and economically.’ But we shouldn’t forget that there’s also the colonization of the mind. Through language, thought manipulation, and privacy invasion, the mind configures a state of vulnerability that makes the path of dependency propitious, and hardly impossible to defend their own dignity."

“For this reason, the colonization of the mind constitutes a subtle and alienating practice that, many times, those who execute it in the various intangible planes of daily life do so in the name of morality and of values and customs that are mentioned and proclaimed with the trick of deception."

“This promotes the propitious field for individuals to be colonized by the values of others, by the tastes and preferences of others, by imposed customs and prejudices, by religions and fanaticism, by family mandates, by culture and by possessions derived from a consumerism that limits the expansion of life. "

“This is how mental submission leads to a lack of objectives, favors laziness and leaves the person at the expense of the decisions of others, weakening his ability to react to injustice, corruption and abuse."

A very interesting "interview" (correction). Sorry for the mistake.

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