[EN] Some pictures of yesterday in , from the demonstration in the streets of the city yesterday afternoon to the clashes of the night.

[FR] Quelques images de la journée d'hier à Tripoli, au de la manifestation dans les rues de la ville hier après-midi aux affrontements de la nuit.

مساء الخير / Good evening / Bonsoir mastodon !

Une du pour vous souhaiter la bonne année.

A statue made of debris collected after the blast of the 4th of August has been erected in front of the devastated port of .

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The Lebanese "thawra" celebrated its first anniversary this year. This Saturday, October 17, an event was held in , . Its route revisited emblematic places of protest: the Martyrs Square, the Ring Road, the Bank of Lebanon. It ended at the port in commemoration of the August 4th explosion for which Lebanese politicians are held responsible by revolutionaries.

At the end, the demonstrators paid tribute, by lighting candles on a shell-shaped fountain on a traffic circle at the entrance of Mina, to the Tripolitans who died recently at sea. They had tried to reach Cyprus by boat from the port of Tripoli to escape the misery and the economic situation which was becoming more and more untenable for a large part of the population.

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Last Friday's demonstration brought together several hundred people, which is very modest compared to the huge crowds that gathered at the end of 2019 in al-Nour Square.

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The Lebanese "thawra" celebrated its 1st anniversary this year the 19th of October. Various events were organized on Friday evening in different cities in , except Beirut, to celebrate the decentralized aspect of this movement. The city of , the country's second largest city in terms of population but also the poorest large city in the country, played a special role in this insurgency because of the extent of its mobilization.

[EN] Enormous fire this afternoon at the port of , a little more than a month after the explosion that devastated Beirut. Firefighters managed to get control of the fire in the evening.

[FR] Enorme incendie cet après-midi au port de , un peu plus d'un mois après l'explosion qui a dévasté Beyrouth. Les pompiers ont réussi à maîtriser l'incendie dans la soirée.

This first of September 2020, a rally was held in in a tense context. The aim was both to celebrate the 100th anniversary of and to protest against the ruling political class, accused of corruption and also to be responsible for the explosion which devastated part of the city on 4 August. French President Emmanuel Macron was on an official visit at the same time to urge the political class to form a new government and undertake reforms quickly.

[FR] La journée s'est terminée par l'attaque et la destruction du siège de l'Association des Banques Libanaises.

[EN] The day ended with the attack and the destruction of the headquarters of the Association of Lebanese Banks.

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[FR] Le mot d'ordre de la journée était « Le jour du jugement ». Les manifestants accusent la classe politique de négligence criminelle qui a mené à l'explosion dans le port de Beyrouth quatre jours plus tôt.

[EN] The motto of the day was "Judgment Day". The demonstrators accused the political class of criminal negligence that led to the explosion in the port of Beirut four days earlier.

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[FR] La rue Weygand, l'un des axes menant au parlement a été le lieu d'affrontements particulièrement violents.

Weygand Street, one of the axes leading to the parliament, was the scene of particularly violent clashes.

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[FR] Une journée de colère populaire et beaucoup de détermination hier dans . Beaucoup de blessés aussi, au terme d'une journée qui aura vu l'occupation temporaire de quatre ministères et la mise à sac de l'Association Libanaise des Banques.

[En] A day of popular anger and a lot of determination in yesterday. Many people were injured. The day that saw the temporary occupation of four ministries and the sacking of the Lebanese Association of Banks.

[FR] L'une des chambres de l'hôpital Geitawi. Les patients ont tous été évacués dans la nuit, avec l'aide de la Croix Rouge Libanaise.

[EN] One of the rooms at Geitawi Hospital. The patients were all evacuated during the night, with the help of the Lebanese Red Cross.

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[FR] De très nombreux volontaires sont venus d'un peu partout du Liban pour aider à nettoyer les débris, distribuer eau et nourriture dans les rues de .

[EN] Large numbers of volunteers came from all over Lebanon to help clean up debris and distribute water and food in the streets of .

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