I needed a minimal portfolio website, so I went ahead and tested a bunch of different projects.
Eventually I stuck with thumbsup.github.io/, which turned out to be perfect for generating static, minimal portfolio websites. I set up Git and a script, which updates the whole website with a single click.
No Docker, Wordpress or other unnecessary bloatware needed.

#FOSS #selfhosting #ThumbsUp #portfolio #gallery

@explorewilder Looks great! And impressive that you made that yourself from scratch.

@sml Thanks 😊 I look forward to visiting your portfolio website. Share a link asap 😉

@explorewilder Oh woops, sorry: portfolio.smlpt.de/
It's basically the same content as on my pixelfed, my artstation and the bunch of AI artworks I sometimes post here, just thrown together for consistency.


@sml Impressive 🤩 A link back to smlpt.de could be helpful 👍

@explorewilder Thanks! Yeah thats a good idea. I think I'll put a link in the footer to not clutter the minimalistic look with links.

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