Happy new year 🥳
I just come back from a 9-day and I'm currently gathering my photos, notes, GPS traces to share a new story. Thanks for boosting this post. 🤗 It would be really motivating if you could offer me a "coffee" ☕ ko-fi.com/explorewilder

My poem (last bit):

Wilderness is priceless
But success has a price.
It won’t gonna be nice
Everyday, I expect mess
To happen on my quest.
I guess that’s a rough test
With a slight guess
of my way to happiness.
Feel like a mice in a maze
With skin in the game.
I stare at Nature in amaze,
and I don’t feel the same.

Find out more: explorewilder.com/#!/en/about

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My poem 1/2 (part 2 in reply):

I go tramping for a purpose:
To have an adrenaline dose,
To go beyond my limit
And discover the infinite.
My name is pointless;
Fame is meaningless.
It’s all about nature,
living real adventure,
and bring back stories
about my discoveries.

Probably where I found the most beautiful scenery of my life. It does not really matter where, what matters is to go and discover .

Hi-res, story and hiking trip here: explorewilder.com/#!/en/photo/

I come back from my trip "Ruskadventure". Some new pics will be online at explorewilder.com soon with interactive maps and short stories (EN/FI/FR). This is the actual colours of the before snow fall.

Digital – or online content – is expected to be inclusive: anyone should access it without paywall or subscription. Contrariwise, art in physical format is more valued when exclusive: with limited editions, rare means valuable. The problem about free online content or services is that the publisher – or online host – earns money by other means and that led to the infamous if-you-do-not-pay-you-are-the-product business model.
Support me: ko-fi.com/explorewilder

National Park, . Please keep it wild forever! explorewilder.com

"Toitū te whenua" - leave the land undisturbed. Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints.

1/200s, f9, ISO 125, 51mm.

I took this before to lost myself. 😕 I walked back to my first steps and convinced myself to get a handheld GPS. 💡 Since then, I have been farther into and shared my traces online 🤠 explorewilder.com/stories/1/ex

"Do what you are going to do, and I will tell about it." - I Go Back to May 1937, Sharon Olds

A peaceful for my 200th toot! 🎉 I continue because you like and boost my toots, thank you so much! 🤗 But you'll find all my and by visiting my website: explorewilder.com

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