Probably where I found the most beautiful scenery of my life. It does not really matter where, what matters is to go and discover .

Hi-res, story and hiking trip here:!/en/photo/

I come back from my trip "Ruskadventure". Some new pics will be online at soon with interactive maps and short stories (EN/FI/FR). This is the actual colours of the before snow fall.

National Park, . Please keep it wild forever!

"Toitū te whenua" - leave the land undisturbed. Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints.

1/200s, f9, ISO 125, 51mm.

I took this before to lost myself. 😕 I walked back to my first steps and convinced myself to get a handheld GPS. 💡 Since then, I have been farther into and shared my traces online 🤠

"Do what you are going to do, and I will tell about it." - I Go Back to May 1937, Sharon Olds

I take to the beauty of nature, remember what happened, feel escaped while stuck home, and focus on the . What about you?

Find out more:

My is published! Enjoy the scrollytelling , and please don't hesitate to share your feedback and thoughts!

A new story is coming very soon!
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At the mean time, enjoy my other stories and pictures :)

Just 3 days left before my 2 weeks ! In my mind, I'm already in . 🤠 I'll be offline, , but no worries, I'll toot once back home 😉
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is not longer about planting flags on continents; it's about the discovery of human wisdom and knowledge that you bring back to broaden the horizons of others. That's why the meaning of exploration will never cease to be important,” Tim Cope.

When I was there, the was already engraved in my mind even before it reaches the sensor of my camera.

What the picture don't tell is the hard walk to reach that point, the tough rivers I crossed, the dense forest I walked through, the heavy rain, the steep saddle, etc.

I wouldn't appreciate and without skin in the game. So I'm wondering what you feel when you see my pictures...

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