View over the Murmansk Oblast from Sorsatunturi, , .

GPS location and track:!/en/photo/

Taken with my D7100 (APS-C) and 10-20mm DC 3.5 at 10mm, super wide angle! Processed with .

Back from my 12-day trip in , . I just processed the GPS data and one .

I am writing a story and processing more photos. I forced myself to use only one lens to keep my backpack lightweight. I focused on wide-angle landscapes with my Nikon D7100 and Sigma 10-20mm DC 3.5.

293 km track, HD photo, and more:!/en/story/

On Rakiura in 2018. I am a solo hiker, but I met Anton on my way. We did not know each other and we did not plan to meet up, but we actually hiked 150 km together. Great trip in .

Story, map, charts, stats, and more photos (EN/FI/FR):!/en/story/

I have been there in 2015 for a day walk, fell in love with , and came back 2 years later for hiking that 100 km-long beach in 3 days.

When people are surprised about how long I can hike, I explain that it has been progressive. Start small, dream big, push your limits.


Story + interactive map:!/en/story/

Some new photographies when I was the Ecrins National Park, France 🤠 9 days 🏕️ 137 km 🥾 26,473 m total elevation 🏔️ Find out more and enjoy the interactive map:!/en/story/

Probably where I found the most beautiful scenery of my life. It does not really matter where, what matters is to go and discover .

Hi-res, story and hiking trip here:!/en/photo/

I come back from my trip "Ruskadventure". Some new pics will be online at soon with interactive maps and short stories (EN/FI/FR). This is the actual colours of the before snow fall.

National Park, . Please keep it wild forever!

"Toitū te whenua" - leave the land undisturbed. Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints.

1/200s, f9, ISO 125, 51mm.

A peaceful for my 200th toot! 🎉 I continue because you like and boost my toots, thank you so much! 🤗 But you'll find all my and by visiting my website:

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