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One of the more impressive pigeons you can see when you head out in to the Outback, is the Spinifex Pigeon. They have a crest on the top of their head and some pretty colours on their faces.

Being spring, it was no surprise we came across a randy fellow doing his little mating dance.

The Isle of Arran was looking particularly beautiful this morning.

house at the lake
i took this picture during a hike with my partner at lake weissensee in carinthia, austria. it is a beautiful lake near the dolomites, and offers some nice hiking possibilities.

#photography #outdoors #hiking #nature #naturephotography #nikon #austria #carinthia

My is published! Enjoy the scrollytelling , and please don't hesitate to share your feedback and thoughts!

leafcutter bee 

also look at this one!!!! she's doing her best!!!!

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Just a few hours left to tell me what you like in a single click! I'm hesitating buying a but afraid of loosing creativity and quality for the price of motion. So or ?

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The first #photo taken with the new #telescope setup.

This is a small part of the North America #nebula (or NGC7000) called the Cygnus Wall.

Taken with a #mono camera using a Ha (hydrogen alpha) and RGB filters resulting in a HaRGB color image (Luminance = Ha, RGB). So it's basically a true color photo!

The nebula is one of the most dense star forming regions of our #milkyway

#astrophotography #astronomy #deepspace #space #photography #longexposure #nightsky #astro #selfmade

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