Did a little post about my Debonair pinhole mod. I also include a link to the 3D files for those that want to print the shutter themselves.

@filmhotdog fun project and your pinhole images are a lot sharper than mine from some experimentation a few years ago..

@Jondor Yeah I was a bit surprised how sharp the images came out for a home made pinhole. The laser drilled ones are a lot sharper. I believe those are the ones they use in the "reality so subtle" cameras, which is to sharp for my taste.

@filmhotdog mine was a needle and some aluminum sheet together over a hole and in camera cap..;)
So very shoestring DIY , but your images are quite good.

@Jondor This one is made out of brass shim. Following the normal order they tell you online. Make a dimple with a ballpoint pen then poke the needle then sand the other side etc.. I think I'll be doing a bit more pinhole this year, really makes you see things in a diffrent way especially if its a wider pinhole.

@filmhotdog I had a wild idea to make a large format camera projecting the image on a transparent surface and use a filmscanner like the epson 700 to scan the transparent. Heavy, cluncky and slow, but very cool if it would works.. For my personal Adam Ansel moments..;)

@Jondor Hahaha yeah that would be a bit clunky to work with. I do have a 8x10 pinhole I'm working on. It uses simple photography paper and can be developed in a bathroom with an amber light, then contact printed using normal room light. Which is great for those without darkroom.

@filmhotdog @Jondor - I'm currently in the parts accumulation process making a plywood 8x10 pinhole. I have just today received some brass shim to make the pinhole with, I'm part waay through cutting the ply for the box. Just need to finish that and assemble, paint the inside etc.

My plan is to take a couple of test shots to check the f-stop, then make a double solstice (12 month) exposure Solargraph. 😆

@matt @filmhotdog Sounds like the photographic version of slooow cooking..;-) I'm curious to see the results! Keep posted!

@matt @Jondor Nice! I've seen some pretty cool Solargraphs. I don't think I've ever seen someone doing an 8x10 one, mostly seen 4x5 and smaller. Like was said that is some serious slow cooking hahaha

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