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met during evening walk today

it was a funny moment - my son (12 y/o) was saying that the horror movie he had watched recently was not scary at all when this frog jumped. 鈥瀊ut THAT was scary!鈥 he shouted. kids... ;)

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Yesterday someone here shared a website of an amazing person who makes beautiful info graphics.

On her website, there is a post about color palettes:

I am amazed by the palette called "florida bluebells and pistachios" and I want to do something with it...
What can I do here, if I'm not adept at painting 馃
Usually I think of making a color scheme for a text editor but five colors is too few for that 馃槄

Anyway: check out her other stuff, it's really cool 馃槷

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Tonight's Moon with Jupiter and 4 moons - Aug12, 2019
95% Illuminated

Canon SL2/200D - Sigma 100-300mm Super Macro APO DG - ISO 12800 - f stop 5.6 - Exposure 1/13sec.

See the full scale image here:

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