Clear Lake, CA, with an old Mamiya C330 TLR camera. Not an ergonomically correct machine.

A cropped portrait of me shot with the Mamiya RB67 Pro. I say "portrait" because a camera this large doesn't take snapshots. No, sir.

(Ilford XP2 Super developed by

Koi Pond at Japanese Garden
Portland, OR

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A female eastern pondhawk dragonfly (Erythemis simplicicollis) on big bluestem in the prairie meadow.

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The first dragonfly shot of the year, a female common whitetail skimmer (Plathemis lydia).

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Was ich besitze, seh ich wie im Weiten,

« What I posses, seems far away to me, »

#MastoArt #Art #photography #photo #Foto #blackandwhite #photographie #Poesie #poetry

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'Reflecting on The River Irwell'
A reflection cast on the River Irwell of an old warehouse building which has now been converted to new apartments. 📷 👍 😎
D7000 18-55mm
(f6.3: 1/60s: ISO200: f/l-55mm)

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