I don't get this inclination, when I spot models getting their accounts taken down on instagram, their response, upon reinstatement, is to *escalate* their degree of failure to comply with the TOS (and subsequently get another take-down) instead of finding some viable alternative.

I'm like, "hey, instragram is not at home to mr. nipple. - why not try mastodon or pixelfed?" and their reaction is "my fanbase is on instagram!"

Not if you keep *losing* them, because you can't comply with the TOS...

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Not to mention the more important, but less advertised, fact that instagram *also* disallows advertising sexual services, which includes selling nudes, manyvids, onlyfans etc... Which nobody bothers to adhere to either.

On one hand, of course I want them to fight the censorship. On the other hand, breaking the rules *even harder* doesn't seem like a viable method, vs. boycott/activism. Tumblr censored. Tumblr users left. Tumblr is in its death throes.

Is instagram so powerful, so big, such a hydra, that it cannot be killed?

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