@hongoxl I started out on 35mm back in high school, during the late Mesozoic (1974), but when affordable digital cams first hit the market, I couldn't have been happier to ditch film.

Still, I've yet to find a Photoshop filter that can properly simulate the grain of B&W 35mm, especially the really fast stuff, like VR1000 (my fave)... or that extra-crunchy "shot at 800, pushed to 1000" look.

@flugennock Forget about simulators and return back to using film 😜

I have read good critics about nikcollection.dxo.com/silver-e and about skylum.com/es/tonality but are paid software.

nd about the VR1000 film I have seen that you can still find rolls on ebay. It would be nice to try it :)

@hongoxl For somebody who was just getting involved in my local Indymedia and citizen journalism, the arrival of digital photography was a godsend. I love being able to shoot an action on the street and tweet fotos from the scene, then go home, "dump" my phone, clean up the "keepers" and stash them for my blog.

Still, there's nothing like the look of film.

@flugennock A friend of mine was photojournalist in the 80s and told me how they used to send just developed and enlarged photos to the redaction of the newspaper with a kind of modem connected to the phone...

It had to be funny xDDD

@hongoxl It was hot stuff when I was young, in the 1960s and '70s. "Wire photos", I believe they called them. I'd look at the front page of the morning paper, and there'd be some wild foto of some crazy shit happening in some foreign "hot spot", and the "slug" line under the foto would always say something like "UPI Wirephoto".

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