California got some weather this week.
First and third shots are camera jpegs, just cropped and exported with a little sharpening. Second is raw with RPP64's Iodocont blue paper emulation; wiggly stars from handholding it on top of tripodded film camera.
Exposures were 30", 15", 30".

Lightning over the Pacific | Leica X1 | (fixed) 24mm Elmarit Asph. | 2020-08-16

On the wing.
This week marked 6 years with Fuji.
After more than 10 years on film with an Olympus OM-1, 3 years of Canon P&S followed by nearly 4 with one of their DSLRs, and 2 years with a Nikon, these little Fujis took me back to the joy of photography. What had become drudgery became a joy again.

Agave abstract | Fuji X-E2 | Summicron-R v.1 (1968) | 2019

Read it and weep.
I see a face with an unhappy expression reading a book, with hands at bottom right holding the book. Perhaps a reflection of our present time: seems the more we learn about humanity's tendencies and behaviors, the more reason we're given to despair.

Fuji X-T1 | XF35/1.4


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Who here likes bad puns? Ok here we go:
I hadn't wanted to return to this subject again, but I couldn't leave it alone.
There you go.
I shall see myself out.

Fuji X-T1 | XF35/1.4

With summer officially here, I'm missing the spring weather a little.

I appreciate the warm welcome I've received; it's a nice vibe here and I hope to stick around a bit.

Fuji X-T1 | XF35/1.4
March 2020

Guess it’s time I made an .
Hi, I’m Iain, a mostly B&W photographer from the Central Coast of California.
Here’s a recentish photo from my area.
Moonstone Beach, Cambria, CA
Fuji X-E2 | Contax Distagon 2.8/25mm AEG

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