The Jumping Spider is the second most diverse family of spiders present in Ohio. Considered to be among the most intelligent of spiders, the Jumping Spider can also jump up to twenty times its own body length.

Image captured with a Nikon D7200, Nikkor 40mm f1.8 micro lens, Nikon SB-800 speedlight, and an InterFit STR110 Diffuser, processed with Adobe Lightroom Classic CC.

Omg I am so excited to see #spider pics here! That's something I miss a lot feom Twitter

pls CW spiders and pics of spiders
don't care how cute you think they are
still unnatural alien hellspawn wrong in every way
still need to never, ever see them on my timeline

If arachnophobia weren't such a common thing, I'd just filter–and I did filter, believe me–but it IS a common thing, so I'm asking/suggesting CW in the future.

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