(part 3) Cloud application (nextcloud?)
To allow the instance to be maintained by a single person, it has to be low-cost and simple to maintain. This complicates things because it has to be built forward from individually-owned cloud instances.
Most will be free because the content is not usually huge, but it can be, and perhaps, it should be.
The good news is that the instances can be applied elsewhere for other things (w same backend)making it a part of a "web persona," an open desktop

(part 2) I did look at the other apps applied here, and I got the wake-up call about data-size that a collaborative site will attract a lot of images, and they should be large for full effect. The warning is "this is not a permanent repository."
Solution, it seems, is to back up a bit from the presentation (layer) towards a sophisticated data implementation: clouds

(part 1) Originally I came to mastodon to attempt to get help for a javascript personal photo site. As it happens, the best I can find is THIS ONE right here. It just needs to be modded somewhat to become a genuine collaborative showcase. Probably don't need the federated universe, so smaller wider columns purposed for photog framing the perfect slider.

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@laraby We live on musquash (Fundy just so. of Saint John) there are from 2 sundays back - broke a rib sliding on the ice grabbing a tree..

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@johnbessa I'll never figure it all out, lol. Just a fun hobby!

are any here interested in building / modding a personal (or group) photog's site (that values the viewier) ??

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