Had another go on an older picture. Lightroom and On1 weren't able to get rid of the insane ISO 25,600 noise/colour noise. Topaz did the job and I could take it from there.

I've been experimenting today, painting 4 portraits of the same person at once. I'm not quite sure if it's soon free now, but as I feel not too happy with the results, I guess not. #mastoArt #creativeToot #traditionalArt #art

Re-visited some pictures I took at the 2018 Roller Derby World Cup in Manchester. I am still teaching myself how to process photos in On1 2020. With this one I went "all-in" to emphasize the joy and happiness adding a zoom effect and a spark bokeh texture.

Fun with colors & layers. The radar station on Grand Ballon d'Alsace already looks so science fiction that not much is needed

@masklayer Sorry to hear. Have you tried to take pictures with it? Maybe some new hippster filter ;)

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