If larger country oppresses a smaller country,I’ll stand with smaller country

If smaller country has Majoritarian Religion which oppresses minority religions,I’ll stand with Minority religion

If minority religion has caste & one caste oppresses another caste,I’ll stand with caste being oppressed

In oppressed caste if an employer oppresses his employee,I’ll stand with employee

If employee goes Home & oppresses his wife,I’ll stand with that woman

Overall oppression is my enemy

"Don't shoot what it looks like. Shoot what it feels like" - David Alan Harvey

This is an attempt at making a high-key image. For the thought behind this image visit samyukth.com/2019/10/05/a-high

I was reminded of in a conversation here yesterday and that got me thinking of some of my best experiences in that lovely place. Right on top is this encounter with the dazzling, delightfully bright-blue, Grandala.

My pic for this morning that of a flock of these Grandalas.


Rodin sculpture with Egon Schiele works in the background. Leopold Museum, Vienna, Austria.

Some fotos I took of the manifestation at Plaça de Sant Jaume, Barcelona tonight, from the continuing daily protests over the imprisonment of Catalan politicians & social organisation leaders by the Spanish Supreme Court. The ongoing protests also demand the right to self-determination, & a referendum for an independent Catalunya.

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