Single exposure stroboscopic photographic image, processed in Lightroom, with post-production In Affinity Photo using RetroSupply Co. Glitch Effects.

A manually taken stroboscopic single exposure triple portrait, processed in Lightroom, with post production in Affinity Photo.

Cows in a barn, natural light.

The white cow is of the White Park breed, considered possibly to be the oldest breed in the UK, & genetically related to the Aurochs.

justinpbrown_ph @justinpbrown

I wasn't prepared for these shots, I'd been shooting macro 100mm on the ground, which was considerably darker than the sky of course. So these images are with the same camera settings. The sky was grey & overcast, so the overexposure isolates the birds well, & the slow shutter speed augments the motion effect.

I have a collection of prints showing at an exposition beginning this week on thurs 16th at Filippo Ioco Gallery & studio, Poble Nou, Barcelona. The expo (shown for 1 month) is collaborative & will feature photography by several other artists. Themed around socio political street activity & manifestations in Barcelona during recent times. Doors 19hrs, wine!

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