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Hi, joined mastodon because of its decentralised idea and most importantly ads free experience. I don't have a lots of idea about this thing, so please help me for few days to navigate through this. ✌️

Guys this person @matthieu is nailng great composition in his work. Do check his work. 🎞️❤️

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Children on the street
Playing hide and seek
They see no borderlines
Innocently blind
And children stay the same
until we change the game
And then we call it life
And that ain't right.

: (People by Nikhil D'Souza)

I have a friend in other instance but I can't see his post even though I found his profile and he can't see mine. I don't get it why? Is it because we are in different instance? Please help me out, I'm new here.

Two different colours, yet at core they are same type of plant. Both provide food, each have its own unique taste.
Most important they can grow nearby each other without any issue.

Catapult in hand, bag full of stone hanging in side. Lost in woods whole day searching for birds. That's how childhood looks like in countryside.

Walking through paddy field in cloudy day. Narrow path dividing two different types of rice.

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