Last weekend I went for a hike at a local marsh. The lower areas are filling with water again now that we've had a few rainstorms.

I made a point of going late in the afternoon to catch some golden hour light, which didn't work out quite as well as I was hoping, but I think this shot came out reasonably interesting.

Not sure, but I think I walked through this pond last time I was here and it was all dry ground.

Ducks feeding in a marsh pond. The last time I was here, the entire marsh had dried out for summer. After a couple of fall rainstorms (which, if they'd come sooner, night have at least cut down on the massive wildfires last month), parts of the marsh have flooded again for winter.

I was halfway there before I realized I hadn't brought the film camera, but I at least had the Canon, which has a more powerful zoom anyway.

Another amazing sunset! This has been an incredible week for them.

Fiery . One of those moments when you can't stop and pull over to take a photo, but you can pause at a red light.

Finally got around to curating my photos from an August hike at Madrona Marsh in Torrance, California. This was the first time I'd ever been to the marsh that there was *no standing water left*. Usually the lowest part of the preserve still has some ponds even into fall, but this summer, it had all dried up.

Full album (12 items) on Flickr:

My full photo gallery from the con, including cosplay and convention floor snapshots, is on Flickr:

Most of the cosplay photos are really just snapshots, though I did spend some time composing shots of my wife as Professor Trelawney from Harry Potter. This one came out the best.

A few scenic shots taken around the Long Beach Convention Center during Long Beach Comic Con over the past weekend.

The first is a new walkway that connects the main entrance to the convention center with a theater around the far side.

The second is a building lit up by the sunset reflecting off a building behind me.

The third is a mural on the side of the convention center *under* the theater.

Palm tree litter.

Sometimes I just need to get out of the office for a walk, but I've been getting kind of bored with the area I'm in. It's mostly hotels, office buildings and parking lots. I walked past a different hotel yesterday afternoon and found this: the planter has palm trees, smaller plants, and bark chips...and they've allowed the palm fruit/seed pods to collect in the planter, which looks more interesting than it would if they cleared them out.

Statues of a family of watching helplessly while one of their own is trapped in the Tar Pits.

Naturally-occurring asphalt (yes, had asphalt millennia before it had cars!) seeps out of the ground all over the area. Portable fences keep people from stepping in it. animals were less fortunate, and a museum houses an incredible array of fossils found here.

(Flashback to 2013, can't believe I hadn't posted it here yet.)

I went to the Orange County Fair yesterday, which was weird because it's in the smoke plume from the wildfire in the nearest mountains. The light was dim & yellow. The sun, when we could see it, was deep red. At night we could see the mountains silhouetted by an orange glow. But the smoke was all high enough we didn't smell it, and no ashes reached the ground.

This popped up on a flashback post today. Back in 2009 I was exploring a disused railroad spur in an industrial park and found this 3.5" floppy disk just sitting there.

The tracks have since been ripped out. This section was turned into a walkway for a commuter train station on the main tracks a couple hundred feet behind this spot.

Another of my from the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. I'm terrible at holding binoculars steady, so I'll take zoomed photos to see what's in the distance. I think these were antelope or something, but the camera autofocused on the cables holding a balloon between the deck I was standing on and the open area below. For comparison, the giraffes at a similar distance are a lot clearer.

The tiger was a lot closer to the fence than I expected, watching the tourists with a disdainful look as it lounged in the afternoon heat. The fence mostly blurred out of view, but I didn't notice a dry leaf in front of its face to the left of its mouth.

At the Safari Park run by the San Diego Zoo. The tigers have quite a bit of space, and this isn't the only shade, which makes me think they were people watching.

Blurry monarch butterfly. It’s a wonder I caught it at all with my phone, though!

Back in 2005, I visited the in . There were active lava flows at the time, but the main caldera was only venting gases (this was before the lava lake *formed* in Halema‘uma‘u).

I followed the road around the main caldera, then down to the coast to see where lava flows had obliterated the road and look at active flows waaaay off in the distance.

With the current eruption transforming the area, I've just uploaded an album to Flickr:

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