An outdoor mall extension completed in 2020. Which wasn't exactly ideal timing.

The courtyard was at least someplace they could set up chairs and signs reminding you to keep your distance. I saw a few people walking through on their way to somewhere else (like I was), and could hear an exercise class running in the parking structure next door.

Who knew a hawk could be a ?

Spotted in a park. Probably a Cooper's Hawk.

I heard a lot of chirping from this tree, and saw a cluster that looks like it could be a nest near where this hawk was standing guard. It just kind of looked around the whole time even as I walked past the tree. If it was standing guard, it must have been able to tell I wasn't a threat.

Statue of Ramona Quimby, one of several inspired by Beverly Cleary characters in Grant Park in Portland, Oregon. Photo from a trip in 2013.

TBH, though, Atlas Obscura got better photos than I did:

A red-tailed hawk spotted along the bike path today. It flew up to an electrical transmission tower, perched there for a minute or two, then took off again while I was trying to catch a photo.

I heard the squirrel chattering, then turned to look for it and spotted it up in a magnolia tree. Surprisingly, it held still while I walked around the tree to get a better angle. Then after I took a few more pictures, it jumped off the branch onto a nearby house-turned-museum.

One of these days, after it's opened again, I'm going to have to actually visit the museum and not just the park.

First time I've noticed one of these birds, but they're apparently all over North America: A Northern Flicker, a type of .

(I was kind of annoyed that it was on the shaded side of the tree, but I can't really blame it. The late afternoon sun was really bright.)

A couple of Black Phoebes spotted in the cherry grove.

Some days I spot a lot of birds at these gardens, some days (like on this one) I mostly just hear them. Though I was at least able to *see* some red-tailed hawks circling way up in the sky, even though I couldn't get any photos of them.

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Cherry blossoms are coming in at the local botanic gardens. They have a grove with multiple different cherry trees in various stages of waking up for spring (some with a few flowers, some with more flowers and leaves, some still bare), and a few scattered trees elsewhere in the garden - some of which are already covered. But the tree in the fourth shot isn't even in full bloom yet!

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This fox squirrel was hiding at the base of a bush in a city park. As I approached, it ran up a nearby tree and then paused a few feet up.

I went back through my photos and found one where you *can* see the green on the male wigeon's head!

Here's a male and a female, plus a coot. The coots were scattered around the entire pond, while the wigeons were mostly at one end (probably not coincidentally, the end where people were more likely to stand around tossing bread into the water. Right next to the sign saying not to feed the birds, especially not bread.)

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Call your doctor if you experience double wigeon.

There were SO MANY wigeons at the pond that day. A lot of the males were making this whistling sound like a squeaky toy and making a big display of flapping their wings. Duck waving, I suppose you could call it.

The males' heads also had this green iridescence, but I couldn't capture it.

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I had such a hard time getting a shot of this Yellow-Rumped Warbler. It kept hopping from one twig to another as I tried to aim the camera, and actually hid behind some branches for a bit. But I finally got it!

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Black Phoebes are one of those birds that I never noticed until a couple of years ago, but now I see them *all the time*. I'm fairly certain they've been here all along and I just wasn't paying enough attention to birds before.

And one more in this series of "Birds against blurry backgrounds" from Monday's walk, a black phoebe.

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I saw a *lot* of different birds on a walk in the park yesterday. Here are two Western Bluebirds - one male and amazingly bright blue, the other either female or a juvenile male. I'm not happy with the image noise on the first one, but I *really* like the way the second one came out.

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