Last weekend I went for a hike at a local marsh. The lower areas are filling with water again now that we've had a few rainstorms.

I made a point of going late in the afternoon to catch some golden hour light, which didn't work out quite as well as I was hoping, but I think this shot came out reasonably interesting.

Not sure, but I think I walked through this pond last time I was here and it was all dry ground.

Ducks feeding in a marsh pond. The last time I was here, the entire marsh had dried out for summer. After a couple of fall rainstorms (which, if they'd come sooner, night have at least cut down on the massive wildfires last month), parts of the marsh have flooded again for winter.

I was halfway there before I realized I hadn't brought the film camera, but I at least had the Canon, which has a more powerful zoom anyway.

Interesting perspective on what software-enhanced phone cameras mean for your pictures. Photography? Digital art? Something in between?

@laraby Garbage has a song called "Bleed like Me." It could be that.

I'd forgotten what it was like to actually control the depth of field! Here's a shot from the film SLR, with the background blurred optically, and a shot from my phone in portrait mode trying to imitate that effect. (It did better than I expected, considering it sometimes has trouble with putting hair in the background of an actual portrait.) And an unprocessed shot from my phone with its tiny lens & aperture.

Some of the photos I took with the 1967 Sears TLS manual SLR camera that had been sitting in the closet for 15 years until my 7YO found it last week and we bought some film.

While waiting for the replacement light meter battery, I put an app on my phone. It worked better indoors than in sunlight, but at least got us close to the right exposure.

And we managed to shoot a recognizable constellation in the light-polluted wildfire-smoke-infested skies of Los Angeles!


We got the negatives and scans back from the two rolls of film we shot with the old manual film camera. Despite the damage to the case, it seems to still be light-proof, as the second roll of film came out about as well as the first. It was an interesting experiment. We mostly took […] Show more

I did some minimal processing on the Night Sight version in GIMP and cropped it. I really don't like any of the crops I tried, though - I guess I dislike this square one the least?


Trying out Google's new "Night Sight" mode on a Pixel 2, aimed at a couple of office buildings in El Segundo. It's not quite the use case it's optimized for (City lights provide plenty for the regular mode), but it does pick up better colors.

Blog post: The kiddo found my old film camera, the one my grandfather gave me when I was 12. It's a manual SLR that's older than I am* and probably still works. I've ordered film & a battery** to find out for sure!

*It appears to be a 1967 model.
**The light meter is the only powered part of the camera. Everything else is automatic. And it used a mercury battery, which hasn't been made in 22 years. Fortunately there are zinc-based replacements!

Smoke from two wildfires in and near Los Angeles this morning. The gigantic Woolsey fire causing evacuations in Ventura County, and a smaller fire in Griffith Park. In at least one photo you can see a layer smoke from the smaller fire drifting past the rising plume of the bigger one.

Flickr has a blog post on how they plan to keep the commons with their new limits on free accounts.

Short version:
1. Flickr Commons partnership with NASA, Smithsonian, etc are staying.
2. All Creative Commons licensed photos uploaded & licensed before Nov. 1 are staying, even on free accounts with more than 1000 photos. (Further uploads will be limited until they either buy a Pro account or drop below 1000)
3. Non-profits can apply for free, unlimited accounts.

@mosqueeto I'm in the Los Angeles Area, which I should've mentioned. Amazon may be the simplest way to get the film, now that you mention it. I figured it would be easier to find film than to find someone to develop it.

Photographers who shoot film: Where do you buy film? Where do you get it developed?

My son found my old manual SLR camera and I was showing him how everything worked.... without film.

Another amazing sunset! This has been an incredible week for them.

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