@xenophora I'll have to look for those. I'm just glad I can still go for walks in the neighborhood for now. As you say, birds are a good distraction!

social distancing, park, photo 

This bird's new to me: apparently it's an American pipit, also known as a buff-bellied pipit, a small ground-nesting insectivore. I spotted several of them walking around in the grass next to a bike path that's just been closed down, though I could see them from the sidewalk with a zoom lens.


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A common House perched on what looks like bougainvillea. It sounded like there were a lot of them in there, but I could only see one.

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A dove spotted this morning. I just walked around the neighborhood and most of the birds I spotted were on cables like this.

Might be a mourning dove, turtle dove, or collared dove. If you happen to know, feel free to chime in at : inaturalist.org/observations/4

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Finally recovered enough from the flu to get out for a walk in the neighborhood (while that's still an option).

I think this first bird (possibly a goldfinch?) was trying to practice social distancing, though the crow in the third photo seems to be doing a better job. The house finch was such a bright red that I thought it had to be another kind of bird until I looked at the photos.

I saw three of these shorebirds skimming along the waves. A little later, I saw this one poking around, no doubt hunting for dinner.

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Reposting this because I forgot to switch my camera into DST again & I figure other people could probably use the info: How to adjust the date/time of a photo that has the wrong time zone.

exiftool "-DateTimeOriginal+=1:00" DIR
for going into DST, and
exiftool "-DateTimeOriginal-=1:00" DIR
for going out.

source (along with batch adjustment directions for other tools): petapixel.com/2012/11/05/how-t

Tiny channels in the sand, where water was flowing back out to sea after each incoming wave.

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Some parts of the marsh are colorful this time of year. Grass has grown, wildflowers are starting to peek out. Others...not so much. But at least the wooded parts look less bleak than the open ponds.

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Another shot of from the same hike, closer to the parts of the marsh with water. The purple/white flowers are wild radish.

This one works better when viewed at a larger size. I think I like the yellow fiddlenecks shot better because it works at a smaller size too.

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@Wraptile Ugh! That seems like it would almost be *more* frustrating than forgetting the whole camera!

When I parked for a hike at the marsh preserve, I discovered that I hadn't actually put my camera in my backpack as I'd intended. So I decided to see what I could do with my phone camera, which mostly meant landscapes and plants.

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