@MistahDarcy Thanks! I couldn't believe it stayed put as long as it did.

This squirrel bounded along a wall carrying a walnut in its mouth as I walked down the sidewalk. It stopped and looked at me as if it had been caught in the act of walnut burglary. I had enough time to snap a couple of pictures with my phone *and* pull out my camera for a better shot before it scampered away.

Finally got a picture of one of the sparrows nesting in the parking structure!

Oh. Well. So much for that idea.

One of these days....

I decided to make this my new header image over at the birdsite. It seemed appropriate.

Western spotted on a hike at the nearby marsh preserve over the weekend. This was before my camera battery ran out of power and I was stuck finishing out the hike with my phone. (I still can't believe I forgot to bring the spare.)



I did manage to get a photo of the in focus, and I had a much clearer view of a second rabbit later in the same hike.

Final landing approach....

(Same hike as the duck photo I posted earlier today.)

Uploaded a handful of ranging 2004-2015.

I imagine this reading the "No fishing" sign and being very disappointed.

An wading in a marsh.

And another egret (I thought it was a crane at the time, but 3 people have IDed it as an egret) that I caught walking by the side of the road.

Funny thing is: I didn't use the Flickr-to- importer for these. On Flickr I posted the full, composed shots. For iNat, I wanted to crop them to show the birds more clearly.

Confirmed that iNaturalist is totally fine with uploading older observations.


Tried out the Flickr importer. It's a bit rough for selecting, but it imports the description, time & location along with the photo, and you can import batches at a time.

I don't want to totally flood my profile, but I've got a lot of timestamped photos of animals & plants since I bought my first digital camera...

@AskChip I can totally imagine that changes in atmospheric composition and temperature could impact the frequency of the right types of ice crystals forming.

I also seem to recall reading that noctilucent clouds we're either increasing in frequency or starting to appear at lower latitudes over the last decade or so.

@sohkamyung Thank you!

Usually I just go for a utilitarian, "got a picture of the halo," but this time I tried about five different things to block the sun, trying to compose an interesting shot as well. I'm going to have to keep that up!

Two views of a 22-degree circular around the sun that I saw on a walk this afternoon.

Halos are a lot more common than I used to think. Then I started actually looking for them. Even on a warm day like today, there can still be ice crystals higher in the atmosphere of the right size and shape to cause a display like this (or even more complicated ones).

I spotted some of these feral in the grocery store parking lot today. Two flew across the lot into a palm tree, squawking as they went. I could only spot one of them once they'd settled, but I managed to get almost a dozen photos of it while it sat there.



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