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A house finch, perched in a juniper tree. I couldn't believe it stayed put long enough for me to go inside, get my camera, come back out, and take seven pictures. Google conveniently linked them together in this animation.

Wild radish flowers found between the road and a flood control basin. I've started posting wildlife and plant observations to iNaturalist, which is how I found out what this plant is.

#flower #wildflower #wildRadish

I took a break from errands and went to the bluffs above the beach to watch boats and seagulls. It was super windy, and the seagulls were hovering in the updraft...and riding the wind *sideways*!

That, and the usual wheeling around, made them difficult to catch on camera.

This is amusing.

SmugMug has been slowly disentangling from Yahoo over the last few months, and they have planned downtime coming up in a few weeks to finish migrating a gazillion photos and videos from Yahoo's datacenter to AWS.

The funny part: They're doing a photo contest where you print out the maintenance notice and "take your photo of the little panda on an adventure somewhere," then post it after the site comes back.

View to the Rottenmanner and Wölzer Tauern. One of the pictures I took on my hike yesterday. I think I will have a poster of it printed #mastoart #photography #naturephotography #austria #alps #mountains #nature
Dreariest circumhorizon arc ever. I could barely see any colors in the cloud at all without my polarized sunglasses, and when I took a photo through them, I *still* had to bump up the saturation.

I've seen several of these over the years. The brightest one was 9 years ago: The longest was just last year:

#AtmosphericOptics #CircumhorizonArc #rainbow #sky #halo

I managed to get out to the local botanical gardens again for a mild hike / photo walk. Large parts of the grounds are designed to look wild, though the plants are all grouped by category and labeled. Other parts are obviously manicured. I also have photos of a snail hidden in a rosemary bush and a lizard that...wasn't very hidden!

From My Walks

A Black and White Version of the Railroad Trestle Bridge

Canon SL2/200D - Canon 18-135mm Lens - ISO 200

Spiral Aurora over Icelandic Divide

Image Credit & Copyright: Juan Carlos Casado (TWAN, StarryEarth) #APoD

'You Blew Me Away 8' by sculptor Penny Hardy, sculpture made from found bits of scrap metal, used to create a piece which signifies renewed life and energy #womensart

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