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I did manage to get a photo of the in focus, and I had a much clearer view of a second rabbit later in the same hike.

Final landing approach....

(Same hike as the duck photo I posted earlier today.)

Uploaded a handful of ranging 2004-2015.

I imagine this reading the "No fishing" sign and being very disappointed.

An wading in a marsh.

And another egret (I thought it was a crane at the time, but 3 people have IDed it as an egret) that I caught walking by the side of the road.

Funny thing is: I didn't use the Flickr-to- importer for these. On Flickr I posted the full, composed shots. For iNat, I wanted to crop them to show the birds more clearly.

Confirmed that iNaturalist is totally fine with uploading older observations.

Tried out the Flickr importer. It's a bit rough for selecting, but it imports the description, time & location along with the photo, and you can import batches at a time.

I don't want to totally flood my profile, but I've got a lot of timestamped photos of animals & plants since I bought my first digital camera...

Two views of a 22-degree circular around the sun that I saw on a walk this afternoon.

Halos are a lot more common than I used to think. Then I started actually looking for them. Even on a warm day like today, there can still be ice crystals higher in the atmosphere of the right size and shape to cause a display like this (or even more complicated ones).

Link: Feral Parrots Are Taking Over America!

"These birds, descendants of escaped pets, have managed to create thriving colonies in these cities despite the annual cold weather."

Ground cover.

The #jacaranda #flowers haven't covered the ground yet, but they will.

For now, the oxalis has most of the ground to itself.

three years ago I took a TON of photos to help out a local charity.

this year they reached out asking if I had some generic shots of the location.

to my surprise, I did. I don't remember taking them but there they were.

if you're on location it cant hurt to take some photos that work as stock. you never know when they might come in handy.

A that I spotted practically right outside my door a few weeks ago. I posted an animation made from several of these photos a while back. Here are the best of the still shots, cleaned up a bit.

Perfect example: I posted this super-blurry photo of a bird on a wire across the street, zoomed optically as far as I could and then just cropped. Within 15 minutes, 4 people had identified it as not just a sparrow, but specifically a house sparrow!

Meanwhile the entry for the horseweed from last week still hasn't had anyone stop in to confirm or correct the ID.

Rocketship park (one of very few remaining parks with this sort of climbing structure). I stopped to grab coffee and realized I'd been able to see the shopping center from the it stood to reason I ought to be able to see the park from the shopping center.


I think the version works a bit better on this.

I was trying to take a picture of some crows as they took wing from a palm tree, but I'd accidentally set my camera to "creative shot" instead of burst mode. (Someone thought it was a good idea to use a stack of rectangles for the "creative shot" icon.)

Instead of a set of continuous frames, I got a group of auto-cropped, auto-filtered versions of one frame, most of which didn't even have the birds in them at all.

But I actually kind of like this one.

Flax-leaved horseweed, according to iNaturalist's identification engine.

Since the idea is to catalog nature, not gardens, I've found myself taking lots of photos of weeds. Some that I know, like dandelions, and a lot that I don't.

Unfortunately, while observations of birds almost instantly attract other users who are ready to fine-tune the ID, people don't seem as interested in identifying plants.

I found the original of this while looking for something else and thought it would look good in black and white.

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