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Managed to identify the not-iceplant. It's Blue Chalksticks, or Blue Chalk Stick. Either way, it's remarkably descriptive.

Posted it to iNat even though it's cultivated landscaping in hopes that the info will help both the AI and human identifiers.

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Now that I've had more time to look through the photos from this hike, I like this wider crop of the first shot.

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WARNING: Use of may lead you to do things like following wasps around with a camera instead of backing away slowly and looking for the nest.

Please use iNaturalist responsibly.

(That said, the wasps showed no signs of aggression and I got some decent photos!)

Realized this isn't iceplant. INat suggests it's in the Kleinia genus, but I'm not sure beyond that.

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Two crops of the same photo taken on a quick walk around the block. I really like the landscape crop showing the fiery skipper as it flies from one flower to the next...but after I cropped it, I noticed the bee also flying in the foreground of the original, and I just had to find a way to keep them both in the frame and still draw attention to them.

Two of about a dozen #sparrows I saw out in front of the office building on a short walk this afternoon. At least six were flitting about in or below a jacaranda tree, some better camouflaged than others, plus a few others scattered around the lot.

I've got to admit I still get a kick out of editing bird photos in Aviary.

#photo #birds

I've been spotting monarchs lately, but haven't caught any photos until today!

The first paused up in a tree. I was surprised I could get a clear shot.

The second monarch is injured. I couldn't see that its wing was torn, but I could tell it was hurt by the way it was flapping its wings on the ground, trying and failing to fly. It did eventually take off, but it landed again soon after.

Bonus: a from farther down the trail.

Most of us have seen a single #rainbow. Many of us have seen a double rainbow. But occasionally someone will spot a *split* rainbow. These can be produced if some of the raindrops are flattened or elongated, though it's not always clear what causes the change in shape.

This is an interesting set of photos of a *multiple-split* rainbow and and an article on trying to calculate the circumstances that produced it.

I saw a lot of #butterflies at #MadronaMarsh over the weekend, including some pale yellow ones and some black ones and even a few monarchs, plus a lot of these white and orange ones. #iNaturalist narrows them down to the Pontia & Hylephila genuses (geni?).


Found that if you accidentally leave location data on when you don't want to save it, you can't remove it using Google Photos. You can hide it from GP, but the geotag is still in the file.

On a Mac, though, Preview will let you view image metadata and delete just the GPS, so you don't need to mess with a full photo editor or ExifTool.

Buckeye #butterfly spotted in a field near LAX airport. There were a lot of butterflies of at least three types flitting about in the mustard, but this is the only one that stayed still long enough for me to catch a photo.

#nature #insects

Oops... I realized I've already posted this one here. Well, I added more info this time, so at least it's not a completely duplicate post. 🤦‍♂️

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Final Landing Approach!

Another shot from the hike at the marsh preserve earlier this month.

The flowers, apparently Matilija Poppies, had huge, flat white petals with these large yellow centers. They looked like fried eggs.

Flower observation:

More photos from the hike:

This squirrel bounded along a wall carrying a walnut in its mouth as I walked down the sidewalk. It stopped and looked at me as if it had been caught in the act of walnut burglary. I had enough time to snap a couple of pictures with my phone *and* pull out my camera for a better shot before it scampered away.

Finally got a picture of one of the sparrows nesting in the parking structure!

Oh. Well. So much for that idea.

One of these days....

I decided to make this my new header image over at the birdsite. It seemed appropriate.

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