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The phone's camera looks amazing, but I can't get past losing the fingerprint sensor. I could go back to passwords/patterns, but I really appreciate having a fast unlock option - and I just don't trust face unlock.

The Morrell House, originally built around 1906, now restored in association with the Redondo Beach Historical Museum.

One of these days I'm actually going to go there when it's open, instead of stopping on the way somewhere else.

I did decide that the hidden light and the old house might have some potential, and ran it through some effects filters. Not sure if I succeeded.

Some I saw on a hike today:

1. One of several Black Phoebes I saw around the grounds of the park

2. A California Towhee that had just chased another bird away from this puddle.

3. One of the clearest views I've had of a hummingbird away from a feeder.

4. Possibly a goldfinch? There were a bunch of them in the same bush.

Amazingly I did manage to get one sharp of it before it flew off again. Which was fortunate, because I saw at least a dozen of these tiny zipping around the bushes, but none of them slowed down long enough for me to catch them clearly.

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I saw a gorgeous Marine Blue that actually paused long enough for me to take a picture...with its wings open, even! But my camera kept insisting on focusing on the leaves behind it. 🙄

We were out for the monthly #PokemonGo Community Day, and I spotted this #BlackPhoebe just as I spun a Team Rocket-occupied stop. Somehow I managed to get a decent photo of it while battling Team Rocket.

#birds #nature
OK, the guy with the camera probably doesn't expect me to go *back* to the tree, so maybe I can make my escape...


A Gulf Fritillary butterfly. A few weeks ago at the same gardens, I saw tons of monarchs. This time I saw a lot of these.

"So I says to they guy, I says to him, can you believe the crap they try to pass off as sardines today? I mean, seriously, can you believe it?"

"I know, Larry, you've only told me *three hundred times!*"

I've joked about how iNaturalist is like #PokemonGo for real animals. Well, since I started playing the game, I've been combining walks for both. And on today's hike in the local #BotanicalGardens, I took some photos with a few #Pokemon in their, um, natural habitats?

(Still not sure why I found so many Electrobuzzes in the *botanical gardens*, though.)


Not as good a photo, but a wider view for context, before they repainted a couple of years ago. The wall and balconies are on the tower to the left of the frame.

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Looking up at the walls of a hotel near LAX. The in the first photo is repeated on several other walls around the hotel. Above it are many layers of balconies for the hotel rooms.

Does anyone know the term for this style? It's sort of post-Googie, pre-Brutalist?

I had to be somewhere near the coast this morning, so I figured I'd take 10 minutes to look for seagulls for . I found a lot of them, but they were mostly hanging out on the beach, not flying around. Still, that's plenty for observation purposes, and I did manage to catch this shot too!

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