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Sometimes it's worth remembering to look away from the sunset, too. I stopped to capture this view yesterday.

(Incidentally: yes, there are signs and light poles inside the pond. The park doubles as a flood control basin.)

A fall evening in Monterey between storms. This is near Custom House Plaza, along a section of Alvarado Street that's been closed to cars and made into a pedestrian-only street. Just behind where I was standing, a temporary ice skating rink has opened for the season.

"The British Ecological Society has announced the winners of its annual photography competition, with first place going to an image of a Malagasy tree boa."

#Phtography #Nature #Environment

A flock of birds over sailboats on Monterey Bay. It was raining for most of the road trip, but Friday had some nice sunny weather in between storms, and I got to walk along the shore for a bit.

A over the .

Kenneth Hahn Park features a patch of semi-wilderness in the middle of suburban that's great for hiking...and is also right next to the Inglewood Oil Field.

One of the (many) weird things about is that there are fragments of wilderness scattered throughout the suburbs. (Mostly where it was a pain to build, or someone owned a lot of land & decided to donate it.)

I had two photos of this junction and . I liked the colors in one, the composition in the other, and I just couldn't get the balance right on the second. On a whim I desaturated it. Turns out it looks better in anyway!

Flowering . In November.

It was a pretty big one, too, probably 3-4 feet tall and maybe 7-8 feet across. Definitely bigger than you usually see it as a houseplant


I've seen some pretty big jade plants in gardens, too!

Hi, I'm Kelson (he/him), a hobbyist photographer in the Los Angeles area. I tend to shoot , & , and occasionally cosplay. Lately I've been taking a lot of nature photos for and posting some of the better ones here & on Flickr (

I also have a general account on Wandering Shop (@KelsonV) & more casual photos on Pixelfed (@KelsonV).

Geese at the amphitheatre.

This city park has a pond which attracts ducks, coots, seagulls, and as near as I can tell a permanent flock of Canada Geese that wander around the banks of the pond and the open space at the south end, where these terraces are located.

Let's just say I don't think I'd want to sit on the ground in that part of the park.

Two spotted on a hike last weekend: The good photos, and the two-seconds-later photos.

The first one took a while for me to spot inside the bush (though I could hear it), and then it started chowing down on the berries.

The second one looked like it was checking both ways before crossing the street, and then it took off in a blur. So maybe it was.

Also decided to go for a less traditional view of the at while I was there last weekend.

At , California: A wren(?) on the side of the cliffs, the iconic view of the cove and the historic , and a alone on the sea.

The phone's camera looks amazing, but I can't get past losing the fingerprint sensor. I could go back to passwords/patterns, but I really appreciate having a fast unlock option - and I just don't trust face unlock.

The Morrell House, originally built around 1906, now restored in association with the Redondo Beach Historical Museum.

One of these days I'm actually going to go there when it's open, instead of stopping on the way somewhere else.

I did decide that the hidden light and the old house might have some potential, and ran it through some effects filters. Not sure if I succeeded.

Some I saw on a hike today:

1. One of several Black Phoebes I saw around the grounds of the park

2. A California Towhee that had just chased another bird away from this puddle.

3. One of the clearest views I've had of a hummingbird away from a feeder.

4. Possibly a goldfinch? There were a bunch of them in the same bush.

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