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Though I did manage to catch this shot, which was at least (a) identifiable and (b) amusing.

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I spotted a bunch of starlings darting around through the wild barley in the open space near an odd street intersection.

Problem: The barley is taller than the starlings. Most of my photos look kind of like this.

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A butterfly in flight. I've been seeing one or two each time I go for a walk in the neighborhood, but mostly they're flying around too much for me to get a decent photo. This one decided to stick around this one bush for a while.

Lime Butterflies (Papilio demoleus) have been visiting the garden, but they didn't stay still long enough to get proper shots. Today, this one decided to be 'kind' and stayed still while the sun was being blocked by some clouds.

On iNaturalist [ ]


Canon SL2/200D -Sigma APO 150-500mm DI OS HSM Lens - f11- ISO 200 - Exposure 1/100 Sec

someone shared this picture by photographer Alexei Panshin on facebook and




A Lime Butterfly (Papilio demoleus) visited the garden today. One of a number of fun observations for both the NSS (Nature Society Singapore) Circuit Breaker Nature Sightings and Socially Distant Bioblitz (5/3/2020) projects.

On iNaturalist [ ]

Weeds or wildflowers? Sometimes the line is blurry.

(Bermuda Buttercups, a kind of woodsorrel, growing through a hedge.)

I don't remember where this stone wall is, but it's apparently near enough I could walk to it, because I took the photo in the last two months and I'm pretty sure it's not next to the grocery store.

Ducks at a city park that's recently re-opened the walkways and open space, though facilities and playgrounds remain closed.

1. Join me for a drink?
2. OK, ducks can't read.
3. Three ducks ignoring a pigeon.

Some photos of the park facilities and warning signs:

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I mentioned last week that Manhattan Beach had closed all their parks outright, rather than just closing equipment and facilities. Over the weekend heat wave, they reopened at least Polliwog Park, taking down the caution tape from the perimeter and instead wrapping individual playgrounds, gazebos, sculptures and even picnic tables with metal fencing.

And signs. Signs and fences everywhere.

I’d been able to see at least some of the signs from the side of the road last week, reminding you of the Covid-19 mantras: Cover your face. Keep six feet apart. Stay home if you’re sick.

And then there were signs like the one above explaining that yes, the park open again — but only on a trial basis, and you have to follow the rules! There was even a police car parked on the lawn to show they meant business, though I’m not sure where the officer was. It’s a big park.

And then there were these, posted on all those portable fences.

Some cities around here have just wrapped their playgrounds in caution tape. Manhattan Beach wants to make sure you know why it’s closed.

Even the interactive art installations.

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