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"Hey. Human. Yeah, you. Got any food?"

"No? Well, fine." *stalks off*

(Seriously, it walked right up to me while I was crouching down to take a photo.)

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Black throated blue warbler! Unfortunately it did NOT want to sit still and I had a hard time getting a picture that was good & also in focus

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These images taken by the Hubble Space Telescope shows the different information we get by looking at different wavelengths of light. The image on the left is the Horsehead nebula in infrared light, on the right visible light.

A mother duck and her ducklings, spotted swimming around the pond at the park this evening.

I had to go in to the office this morning briefly, and on my way from the carpark, I met a family of 5 Bush Stone-Curlews, one of which I photographed.

Then, when I got home again, the King Parrots were waiting for Lunch.


This Laughing Kookaburra, cared not that it was slightly raining, or that I was standing within 5m of it.

It was after sunset, so I had to push the iso to 25600, but it's still usable.

400mm f/3.5

Went for a walk in the rain this morning. It usually doesn't rain much here after April, but we got a couple of hours of drizzle today.

Also here is a Stellar's jay. I tend to see them in forested areas at the coast. I would compare their behavior to the scrub jay. They seem scrappy and paranoid. Don't like to be seen.

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Here's a (kind of) bird that lives outside my house. It's a California scrub jay. We don't have blue jays here in Oregon, but we have these guys. Their color is very striking and their cry quite shrill. They are paranoid and hard to photograph or even spot sometimes, just looking like a blur of blue.

'Konica-TC and First Film'

Camera: Konica-TC/Hexanon 40mm F1.8
Film: Fomapan 400 Action
Developer: Ilford Perceptol (1+3) at 20°C for 21mins
Scan/PP: Canoscan 9950F
GIMP 2.10.18: crop/exposure/sharpen/frame.

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