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Unfortunately I have to wait a while before I can go back to the mountains.

Also, I just realized that I forgot to clean up sensor dust spots in the image I posted over at Instagram, but idc.

#outdoors #mountains #alps #hiking #nature #landscapephotography #landscape #nikon #carinthia #dolomites #austria

Another new bird for me found at Lara Wetlands, an Australian Hobby (a type of Falcon).

Similar to the Peregrine Falcon, but browner and with slightly different markings.

Two of these flew over the wetlands and the birdlife went nuts for a few minutes before they moved on.

A pair of mourning doves that have been hanging out in the front yard lately. Remarkably unconcerned by anyone walking by.

Let the biker beware.

It may look innocuous now, but when it produces zillions of seed pods with sharp spikes on them, it'll *earn* the name puncture vine.

I *hate* these things, and they grow all along the nearest bike path. I've lost count of how many times I've patched bicycle tires because of them.

Near where my sister lives there is a large, grand house, constructed by joining neighbouring houses.

This is side view of the house, created from multiple shots from the same focal point and stitched together with .

Further after-processing in was necessary to carefully remove all traces of multiple power-lines and power poles that disfigured the view of the house. Using from a slightly different height, from the same vantage point, enabled some details to be copied in.

Smoky sun, late afternoon.

We've had some ashfall over the past week, but for the most part, the air quality at ground level has only been awful, not unbearable. Especially since the heat wave subsided.

But the light has just been *wrong*. Normal clouds in the morning breaking up to reveal a layer of smoke behind them, letting through yellow-orange, almost but not quite late afternoon light at midday. I went out for a walk after work, once it had cooled down and saw this.

Bei gutem Licht früh aufstehen, vor der Arbeit ein paar Minuten am Teich stehen. Mehr ist selten nötig, um den #Eisvogel so zu fotografieren.
#birdPhotography #kingfisher

Another smokey day. The fires are now less the 20 miles from the house and the smoke is getting thicker and you can now see light gray ash falling.

The smoke fills the Willamette Valley from Portland in the North to past Eugene in the South. That is over 100 miles in length

We now have over 35 fires burning across Oregon

It is a eerie to see stuff like this.

Totally apropos of nothing, here's a goat in a bucket I spotted at a Renaissance Faire a few years ago.

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