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Curlew: You can't see me if I stand really still.

Also Curlew: You can see me can't you?

A Cooper's Hawk I spotted on a walk around the neighborhood.

I heard a *lot* of sparrows chirping in a tree behind a house. Then this hawk flew up and perched on the nearest telephone pole and the sparrows all just dropped silent. It stayed up there for a few minutes, then flew to the next pole, then flew off out of view.

The photos aren't great, but I like that I managed to catch it this clearly. The last one I saw, I only had my phone with me.

Sunset over the ocean. In the zoomed shot, just moments after sunset, you can see the silhouette of Santa Barbara Island. There's a park up in the hills that also has a clear view of the ocean, where you can see the more distant San Nicolas Island next to it. But down here near sea level, it's below the horizon.

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Birds from today - part 2.

A Noisy Miner on the grass of the Great Court at UQ, and some teenage ducklings.

Picked out the best shots of the bluffs. I got there mid-afternoon & took some photos of the with the historic (and could actually see Catalina Island in the distance!)

Then I walked along the blufftop path along the nature reserve for a while, before turning back to reach the lighthouse area by sunset.

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Two more shots from Bluff Cove, this time looking out at the ocean.

Small boat sailing on the bay seems like a good way to get out while staying isolated, and surfboards look like they'd be handy to measure minimum distance.

It's been years since I've been on a boat of any sort. But I do remember enjoying small sailboats. Maybe I'll look for a class when it's safe to interact with people in person again.

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On the way to and from Point Vicente, I stopped at Bluff Cove (also on the Palos Verdes peninsula). I was surprised to find that I could plainly see the skyscrapers of downtown Los Angeles in the distance. I guess I'd never been there on a clear enough day before.

There were more people than I expected, but everyone was maintaining distance and most of them were masked up.

Really wish I'd had a tripod for the evening shot, though

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A white-crowned sparrow, spotted in the brush at the top of the bluffs at Point Vicente.

These birds *really* blend in well with the dry brush and dirt - it was really hard to see them except when they stopped somewhere with contrast like this.

The Crimson Rosella has now become a regular visitor, and even knows to call for food. Also a little more bossy than the King Parrots and will happily move them on to get to the seed.

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