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This is my hometown. It's quite quiet, but there is going on enough for it not to be boring. Beautiful nature is present all around and the sunrises are beautiful. However these are photos of sunset, which are very rare, because the clouds tend to occupy the close western alpine regions and they block the evening light.

The miracle transformation of the Monarch caterpillar into a butterfly is now complete and the butterfly is about to emerge from its crysalis. You can already see the tightly packed wings through the transparent walls.

Can you imagine the complexity of the programming in the DNA that guides the formation of the wings, so tightly compressed and folded up?

At this stage the walls are being softened by hormones to allow the butterfly to break out. Then the wings will unfold and straighten up.

I saw (and heard) a bunch of finches - some house finches, and at least this one lesser goldfinch - when I took the trash bins out this morning. So I went back in, washed my hands and grabbed the camera.

I’m not a big fan of sky patches in forest photography, but this just works somehow 🤔🤔

Silk_Drone is a drone photographer in Japan who takes beautiful overhead pictures. You can follow at:

➡️ @silkandfire

They are part of the excellent Tokyo Camera Club instance.

#SilkDrone #Drones #Drone #Droneography #Droneographer #Art #Photography #Photos #Japan #Japanese #TokyoCameraClub

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