im debating if I bother processing the sportsball photos.

I got a few shots of fisticuffs and at least one shot of a player dropped to their ass looking confused.

not sure if that is enough to bother though

it is event photography I suppose.

wildlife and event photog are my two mainstays...


Pulled from an a6000 to LightRoom mobile then edited and posted.

Being able to manage the whole lifecycle from a phone is pretty bad ass.

My SO brought a real camera to the sportsball game...

This should be interesting for a change.

as a non pro I always get incredibly excited when something I posted to adobe stock sells.

its rare but ever so amazing for the good feels


"All point and shoot cameras are ok"

If that's not reason enough to snag an RX100...

I can slip the RX100 past damn near any event photo policy and I <3 it

And this is why I buy phones that can shoot RAW HDR

Not perfect or great but certainly wayyyyyy better than anything I would have gotten from pure jpeg

Note to self

Bring point and shoot camera even if you don't think it'll come in handy.

Best not to use it than to wish you had brought it along.

And the album of some is now online.

All four of these animals were awesome to work with.

Link goes to album, photos here are just teasers of the 4 birds at the link.

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These are the 2 photos that will NOT be included in the album I'll be posting shortly.

This is a carnivore eating...

You've been warned.

Well that one photo is definitely getting a CW and not posted as part of the primary galleries...

That turned out a bit, uh, primal.

It still works!

Computer Vision Tagging for Lightroom.

Could use some updates though, the two Microsoft APIs changed.

Probably could use a lot better code organization too...


I forgot the picture 🤦

The planned gear for the weekend adventure.

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