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Superb weather again for today's #DogWalk

Why do I get the feeling we'll "pay" for it in the weeks to come?

#Scottie #dogs #MastoDogs #photo #photography #Highlands #Scotland

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@Wraptile @kemonine I've found that taking a shot with my phone whenever moving to a new location then comparing time-stamps is a great way to do this - originally it was just a shot of the area, but then I started taking a shot of the preview on the back of my D3100, makes things much easier...
With my usual haunts, it's much easier, as I can copy/paste that data, but with new places, this works fine without buying a new camera.

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@kemonine Ive upgraded to nikon D5300 just for GPS! It's great for going bird or animal shooting but I noticed it drains battery like hungry vampire 🧛‍♂️

If I care for GPS I usually charge a backup battery nowadays.

I have a Sony RX100 mk3 (version 3 / mark 3 depending on who you ask)

They just announced the HX99 which is due to go on sale in early November for $450

Looking over the specs, features and comparing it to the RX100 line up... I'm having a really hard time finding a reason to own the RX100 series over the HX99.

I will NOT be swapping but I had recommended the RX100 models in the past based on budgets. I have a feeling the HX99 is going to be the new recommendation.

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#photo 2/2

Décision prise

« Décision prise. Pouvoir en main. Laisser le reste derrière. »

And people wonder why I bought a Surface Pro 4 as a lean, mean machine.

Our phones are computers and our "ultra portable" computers are just phone with big screens.

I'm not an iDevice user but this is a Good Thing ™️

GPS tracking is super handy :)

I got in the habit of geotagging all my images awhile ago and regret nothing.

its one extra step in post but its been a huge help if I want to go back to a spot and camp out

I don't publish the geo data online generally but it is handy behind the scenes

most phones have a way to track your photo walk (look for GPS / GPX tracking in your app store). I highly recommend it, even if its minimally used.

(insert fun post about prepping for a photo adventure here)

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Sony Alpha 6000
SEL 10-18 Lens at 18mm
ND 64 Filter (Gobe Filters)
5 Second Exposure

Will be going back to do again when leaves change color!

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Day 48/365

I got home late (for me) last night, but did manage to take a picture before midnight!

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