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@kemonine i can imagine that shooting a 1500mm with a 1,5x crop is pretty dramatic πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ this equals to about 2250mm on your camera.


The new sony a1 looks incredibly interesting, they just gave the middle finger to cannon

i wish they would do a better job refreshing the aps-c line up ; thus far i haven't seen any good bumps from the a6500 i have here

And now that I have sorted LR catalog sync it's time to rebuild all the damned previews so things move more smoothly next time around

Aaaand my photography site should be good to go now for the curious

SmugMug was the smart choice for a photog site.

Wayyyyyy nicer to work with than Zenfolio and no slow down prolems I've been having the last few months.

New site is still at

Only difference is it's now SmugMug 😁

Looks like I have to migrate from Zenfolio -> SmugMug

This is going to be a major PITA...

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Looks like the PiFrame is in really really good shape. Like you could build a 5.5" or 8.9" photo frame that shows your digital photos in all their glory.

There are a couple small features planned but they are value-add only. The core frame I've been using to add features and test everything has been stable for 2 weeks now.

Link heads to the docs and info on how to build one. Images are samples of what I have sitting on my desk presently.

Many thanks to @djsundog for helping me hunt these LCDs down and realize something I've wanted for years now.
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My mum's July blog about rambling around the woods and hills near her - loads of nature photos if you want something nice to look at for a bit :)

I wish this would have turned out better but i have no way of making a proper background presently

Well then :Adobe_Lightroom:

You don't honor text scaling

I suppose that's a good thing for showing me more of my photo stuff but that microscopic text is where my metadata and folder layouts live

Maybe just honor the text scaling or at least bump it up a bit so it's more than a couple mm in height when rendered?

Pictured is a Platypod Max, Platypod goose necks, Logitech c920 web cam, small rig nato clamps, small rig hot shoe ball head, small rig boom mic holder, small rig cable clamp, small rig nato rail and Rhode portable boom mic

I use a lot of this stuff for 'other things' but being able to play Legos with my gear and stamp out a proper remote mic + cam setup is amazing.

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I let someone Perma Borrow an RX100 mk3 I upgraded awhile back.

I think they'll be a Sony shooter for the foreseeable future.


The various photo books *are* coming along, some are even complete

Trouble is the pandemic still has shipping / mail messed up.


I'm beyond behind on weekly photog challenge posts

Here are the missing ones. Hopefully I'll have some results soon.

- With Some Bokeh
- A Portrait
- The Weather
- Some Flowers
- A Stranger
- Industrial
- With Layers
- In The Shade
- From The Kitchen
- Change (Coins/Cash)
- A Bridge
- Fire

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