I'll be posting some better photos soon on my photog site.

The ones today were a preview of much higher resolution images πŸ˜‰

The bronze miner approves of these panoramas.

Food for thought: these are ALL at least 10-20ft tall. These people do NOT fart about when it comes to snow sculpting.

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You can "place a linked object" into a tiff in photoshop

That linked object can be a psb

In lightroom that'll import clean and you can fart around with the psb by proxy.

Well then

I'm pretty sure this needs geometric distortion correction...

Wow, that's wildly wrong for a panorama.

38 photos, 24 photos, 17 photos, 16 photos

I feel like this computer is going to be PISSED very very shortly


Name that bridge πŸ˜‰

I have a feeling more than a few fine folks on this instance will be able to guess.

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I went for a little walk down the road. Wasn't much about at ground level, but I came across a King Parrot (male) and a Grey Shrike-thrush.

The afternoon light looked nice on the local Cockatoo residence (hollows in the big eucalyptus tree out the front).

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There are several Grey Mare's Tail (horsetail) waterfalls in Scotland. We consider this one to be ours, as it is only a short walking distance from home.

It is about 30m tall and 5m across.

#smartphone #photo #photography #DogWalk #Highlands #Scotland

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