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Got a special edition of 'duck butts' for you this morning. A moorhen joined in! (Sorry, not removing sensor dirt today. Sod it.) 路 #birbposting

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Waved the treat box at Tasty Soup. I think I got her attention 路 #bunposting

Go follow @sophia for the photos.

If you like wildlife and outdoorsy stuff you won't be disappointed.

I'll wait.

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If you're a Sony shooter, mind helping me real quick?

It's simple.

Can you head over to Lens Rentals ( and ask when they may have the Sony FE 200鈥600 mm F5.6鈥6.3 G OSS (SEL200600G) available for rental?

It's a new lens and they don't have it on the roadmap quite yet.


They DO track requests and interest in gear to add to their lineup.

Before I try to save $2k I wouldn't mind renting it for a week 馃槈

If LensRentals picks up the newly announced Sony super telephoto I may have to setup an account.

It's on my short list of "want so badly" lenses...

That and if I rent it I may as well rend the a9 for "completeness" sake

I have a funky feeling Premier Rush is in my very very near future.

Let's learn some things

Even if you have a bit of you'll eventually find your preferences.


Well that was scary as all hell.

They really should say as part of the instructions

"The red 'writing to card' light will stay on and NOTHING will show on the camera when you restart it and the updater is smart enough to resume where it left off"

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anyone willing to clue me in on how to extract a still from a 4k video?

im on windows with Photoshop and Lightroon handy. neither will likely be helful but you never know.

three years ago I took a TON of photos to help out a local charity.

this year they reached out asking if I had some generic shots of the location.

to my surprise, I did. I don't remember taking them but there they were.

if you're on location it cant hurt to take some photos that work as stock. you never know when they might come in handy.

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Going to be setting up a society6 account for art prints in the coming days. If there's ever a photo you'd like to see made available please let me know!
Photos will continue to be available under CC BY-SA-NC with high res on flickr/glitterancegrace 路

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I'm not one for but I think these s turned out OK.

Thankfully they let me in with the Sony RX100 mk3 so I could get some decent shots.

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