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I was just informed one of my vulture photos sold, a B&W image that's definitely not happy looking.

I wonder who bought it....

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City of Cape Town closing the beaches tomorrow because people here think social distancing means flocking to them in droves and hanging out in close proximity.

At least sunset was lovely tonight!

Business card holder and id badge holders are perfect sized for Instax Mini

Seems my storage and album creation problems are pretty much solved

Well Poop

I mis counted and am 2 photos short for completing these

im 50 shots into my instax mini stuff and in seeing better results. im going to adjust my assessment and say it'll be at least 100 shots before im 'good' by my personal metrics.

likely under 200.

this is in line with my 35mm film work. new gear, new approaches, much brain training.

know your gear! its really important!

The instant camera ratio of worth keeping continues to improve. 3/7 is wayyyyyy better than the last round.

If you're working with me on **ANY** projects they are on hold for shipping until further notice.

I know at least one of you is immunocompromised and I don't want to be the cause of a norovirus, covid19 or any other kind of infection.

Since it's spring around these parts and the number of covid19 cases is spiking in the area...

I'll ship these once it's safer.

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Seems my hunch of 100 photos to figure this camera out was not far off.

Slowly getting better..

And with that I've added the necessary info to the website and notes outlining I need to know of any topics to avoid when putting together a comissioned album


alright, im going to add an ask about triggers/taboo topics for the comission work I offer

im pretty unflinching and I have a feeling that will become problematic quickly

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And yet again flourescent light burns me when using film.

At least with this particular film the hue is more muted and can possibly be cleaned up

Definitely going to have to investigate filters for making this less funky indoors

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