Its been too long when every battery is in need of topping off.

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@maperal Yep

Batteries for me and my SO

Between the two of us we have an a6000, a6500 and rx100 mk7

@kemonine That Anker USB charging bank looks sweet. He who dies with the most ports wins!

FYI (since you didn't ask, I'm giving myself permission to impart my vast knowledge!), lithium ion batteries are happiest when they're between 40% & 80% charged. For my digital camera, I charge the battery the night before I use it. When I come home, the battery stays in its semi-depleted state until I need it again.

@Photorat The anker has a version bump but is still available.

Just mind the number of usb ports vs the amp output drawn on each port πŸ˜‰

And I know that about batteries, it's why these have sat for 3 months without use.

I may have a major photog session later that will need a full compliment. If not used they'll sit for a good long while.

i rarely charge them all like this, usually only what I'll need and i always pop them around 30% from my cam and start a top off charge when out and about

@kemonine I don't need that many USB ports. Most of my cameras use film!

@Photorat Nice

I've got a pretty even split between film and digital at this point.

I'd shoot more film but the cost and my preferred subjects (wildlife) are kind of a PITA to work with on film.

@kemonine I agree. Certain subjects are better in one format or the other.

My digital is micro four-thirds. It has a 2x crop factor. That's fabulous for bird photography. I can carry around a small lens that has the same reach as the other guys who are lugging around hernia-inducers.

Film is best when you want to come across as a snob, poseur, or Luddite. (I'm the latter, BTW. Ned Ludd forever!)

@Photorat LOL

The Sony aps-c's are a 1.4x crop. I tend to run their FE lenses on the a6500 for the extra reach I get when at the zoo, out at the park and the like.

Film I've found to be better for static subjects and similar.

I also have found B&W Ilford film to be quite great to work with. I had a lot of fun working on a Transportation project using their film. I also managed some good work with macro's and film.

@Photorat If you ever get a chance Cinestill 800T has become a great color film for me.

I also like the lomography 400

and greatly dislike the fuji films

I can never get the colorbalance right with fuji for some reason

@kemonine I have a bunch of 800T in 120 in my freezer. It's leftover from the IndieGogo campaign they did to get the equipment so they could produce it in that format.

Unfortunately, it's now expired and probably doesn't look as good. Right after I got it, I discovered that my Mamiya 645 has a light leak. For all sorts of incompetent reasons, I never got around to fixing it.

I agree. 800T is gorgeous stuff. I hope to start shooting it again eventually.

@kemonine I've had mixed results with Fuji films. Now that they're discontinuing a lot of them, I'm disinclined to give them any of my business.

@Photorat I've had a lot of fun with the instax mini films as well as a Lomo'Instant Automat πŸ˜‰

@kemonine Back in my day, we had Polaroid!

I've never been too keen on instant film. I think it's because Polaroid cheapened out on the lenses in their consumer-grade cameras. They took crappy photos. Polaroid film was actually capable of a lot more than it was allowed to deliver in the crappy cams.

Instax is too tiny. I have a giant phone, because I can't read the tiny screens of "normal" phones. A photo the size of a business card is too small for me to enjoy.

@Photorat thats fair and partly why I went with the instant camera I chose...

its been fun as a form of challenge for me. I use it as a marketing thing when at conventions as well as for comissions of 'mini photo books'

I dont think id make it a primary camera platform but it definitely has some good utility in certain contexts

@kemonine I can see that. If you print some contact info on stickers, you can take someone's photo with the Instax, slap your info on the back and give it to them.

I do like those tiny photo books you showed. Working within those constraints could be a good challenge, and I like the idea that it's a one-of-a-kind art piece.

@Photorat thats exactly what im going for on both counts πŸ˜ƒ

and the instax mini is am incredible challenge. even with the additional lenses available for this cam, its brutal at times

prepare to waste at least 100 photos learning the constraints

my first rolls of film on a Pentax MX as a film newbie fared better

I can't imagine that I would ever spend the money to buy an Instax camera. However, if somebody gave me one, I'm sure I would play with it for a bit. I don't know if I'd keep it after that. You never really know until you try something.

@kemonine You said you stopped using the viewfinder? Too hard to look through? Do you shoot from the hip now? Some street photographers do that successfully.

@Photorat yeah, I gave up on the viewfinder. its a fixed optic and on the far side. totally threw offy mind for getting things lined up.

I shoot that cam like I would a phone. arms up and looking 'through' the center of the back.

once I started doing that my composure started being consistent. and im slowly learning the focal lengths so im the right distance away.

@Photorat BTW

im old enough to have bought a proper Polaroid camera new too 😎

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