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Well I think your cloud photos are beautiful. I suspect the clouds were even more lovely in person.

@Euphoria thank you for the kind words. they were nice but I was hoping for a bit of summer color at sunset. sadly it never came.

I'll have to continue being patient for another day :wink:

@Euphoria indeed. we usually have good skies when the clouds are afoot in these parts.

when I first started down the photography path I'd rarely go without a photo of sunset. these days I focus more on wildlife but I still enjoy a good sunset.


A good sunset is always something to be enjoyed and not quite so easy to capture well in a photograph.

What kind of camera are you using?

@Euphoria I'm currently using a 3 Sony bodies depending on the day. an rx100 mk3, a77 mk2 and a6500. I've got a sony 18-105 lens and a sigma 10-20 lens.

I've been using the rx100 lately (the three you commented on) but have been known to use the others as well :wink:

@Euphoria thanks. I use it as an excuse to be social and explore nature. very therapeutic IMHO.

I did start out with less and slowly upgraded my way through the ranks. took about 18-24 months but I found my preferences and nice in the end :)