@toxicashcloud nie, i'll have to keep that in mind ; looks like it's close to the turkish coast

@toxicashcloud indeed

i was lucky enough to visit rhodes, crete, mikinos, athens and some other areas years ago and i've wanted to head back every since

@toxicashcloud ahhh

i really want to get back there one of these days

@toxicashcloud Damnit!

Now I wanna find money to be able to go back there!

I may prefer Rhodes but Crete was amazing too.

@repeet pic is with my previous cam : an a77ii that was also an aps-c a-mount

@repeet yeah


though i totally look like a pervert standing next to it

KemoNine boosted

@kemonine i can imagine that shooting a 1500mm with a 1,5x crop is pretty dramatic πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ this equals to about 2250mm on your camera.

@repeet my primary tele is a 70-300 FF G that i use with an a6500

I also have a 1500mm FF 'zoom' (its a telescope really) here for some astro photog work and... the moon visibly moves through the viewfinder when it's attached to my a6500

i actually have to use a 1/1000 or faster shutter speed with that lens + a6500 or its a blurry mess...

@repeet trouble is the free 1.5x (ish) free zoom when using full frame glass

that's hard to pass up as a wildlife photographer

@deerbard_photo i haven't noticed anything interesting but i'm not tracking privacy of my apps at that level

i don't think there is any alternative to the app sony has provided users

@deerbard_photo Yeah, it's tiny.

I've settled into using small rig grips/cages.

This is the one I used with my rx100mk3 ; i have an updated one for my mk7



The new sony a1 looks incredibly interesting, they just gave the middle finger to cannon

i wish they would do a better job refreshing the aps-c line up ; thus far i haven't seen any good bumps from the a6500 i have here

@deerbard_photo πŸ‘

That's a great camera ; I <3 the rx100 series

@deerbard_photo They replaced Play memories with "Imaging Edge Mobile"

I have a number of sony cams (including the rx100m3 prior to upgrading to the m7) and it works with all of them

The app will let you do full remote control and will transfer the jpegs to the phone (NOT the raw files)

And now that I have sorted LR catalog sync it's time to rebuild all the damned previews so things move more smoothly next time around

Aaaand my photography site should be good to go now

kemonine.photography for the curious

SmugMug was the smart choice for a photog site.

Wayyyyyy nicer to work with than Zenfolio and no slow down prolems I've been having the last few months.

New site is still at kemonine.photography

Only difference is it's now SmugMug 😁

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