Been fighting with computers all day, but I got a few minutes to play again. This time with the black backdrop. As I feared there's quite a glare from the light on the plasticy material.

Wonder how black felt (or any other colour felt for that matter) might work.

Trip to the craft store in my future.

In any event. Two glasses, one drink. Join me?

@laraby - to be honest, I quite like the glare...

I think a lot of these 'product' type shots have too clinical a backdrop.

Although, it is closest to me, I'm not a big fan of Talisker for some reason 😆

@matt I think I like the tan background best so far, I don't mind the glare too much, but find it too reflective when photographing glass.

As for talisker, I've not actually taken a sip till now in a couple years. It is a bit harsh, though my bottle is old and airing too long.

Not my favourite, but I honestly don't drink enough to remember much from time to time. And depending on my mood, and taste, I like this burn lol

@laraby That is the same issue I had with the black. I did get 2 square yards of black felt from the fabric store. Had to trim off 4 inches to fit my box. I still do not get a nice solid black from it- more like a gray color. I think I am going to try just a regular piece of black material.

@youcantoo good to know, thanks for the advice. Was thinking the material might also be too shiny, but I guess it depends on the material. Not something I have much knowledge of!

@laraby - I am guess but a piece of black velvet might be a workable solution, but it is expensive. I think I will take my camera with me to the local fabric store here and see if they will let me take some snaps of different types of their black fabric. And then purchasing some based on the results of the snaps. Hey it is worth asking them. What is the worse they can say NO.....

@youcantoo good idea. And if they do say no, just use your phone when noone is looking. Though can't imagine they would as its alost sale if they do!

@laraby - there you go. I didn't even think about the cell phone as I rarely ever take photos with it. I don't think I will have a problem with them saying No, since it will mean a sell for them or multiple ones in the future.

@youcantoo @laraby If you can find a big enough piece, try "flocked" paper -- it has a fuzzy coating like felt, but it's paper-backed. Also try asking at consignment and thrift stores for damaged dresses -- you can get quite a bit of fabric from a velvet skirt!

And velvet has a "grain" so if you get sheen from it, turn it around or brush it the other way.

@laraby It wouldn't work for all pictures, but the glare works pretty well here. Sort of a "horizon"

@laraby Black matte board works well too.

Ah Talisker, one of the few whiskeys I'm not that fond of. Much prefer Laghavulin, or Craggenmore.

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