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Hello - its been a while. Hope all are well

Feel like I don't get the time, or motivation to get on here much anymore. Mental health isn't in the space for this. I'm ok, just other avenues are working better for me right now.

I'll be in when I can be and I remember tho! I do think about my contacts here, but I suck at keeping in touch too!

In any event, a few more pics from this past weekends winery tour.

Visited a winery about an hour out of town today. Few pictures from that trip. The cloud was pretty dramatic.

On a different note, been getting the smoker going this week. Been finding food boring recently, trying to enjoy my food rather than just eating because I have to. Hence trying things with the smoker

Couple phone pics from my bike ride on a local trail near the Sackville river.

Been out of action since a fall from my bike, but was able to get downtown for a short walk on the boardwalk today.

Had a nasty fall on bike on Monday. Hurt my ribs and unable to get around or do much for the next couple of weeks at least.

Can see a few videos, including what there was to see of the crash on my YouTube channel.

Hopefully soon I can maybe get some walking videos and photos at least. But too much pain as of yet!

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@laraby I can only imagine. Seems like they don't pave like they used either. Even without any ice our road deteriorate after just a few years.

Revisting some photos from July 2018. When I hiked here it was pretty hard, hopefully after a year of trying to get fitter and losing 50 lbs, I can go back this year and find the hike easier.

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