Hello there, after taking over and completely renewing Libravatar, we took the time to compose a blog post with details about what's new, where the infrastructure runs, who sponsors us and who are the new team members. You can read our blog post here:

@libravatar Created an account thank you, welcome. Unable to upload an image at
<Select> button opens file window but seems not to save file location, <Upload> button not uploading?

@mike_hales Hi!
Can you eventually get back to us with screenshots via ?
I can currently not really follow where the issue resides.
Thx for getting in contact with us!


> Starting on the 19th February with the new software, has run on Fedora Infrastructure Cloud. They are providing this service for free to us without any expiration date and with as much power as we need.

> We have kept the registrar ( but transferred the domains to a new libravatar team account. That way, members of the new group can share ownership of the domains. The cost is...wait for it...ZERO € because was that generous to sponsor the libravatar domains from up to ground.

Good stuff!

@clacke Mainly in order to support newer Django and to use more modern class-based views in almost all cases.

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